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frederick boot camps

Welcome- my name is Steve Roy, owner of Roy Fitness. I have been a certified personal trainer for 16 years and have been teaching boot camps since 2010.

My boot camp program is designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels-from the marathon runner looking to add lean muscle to the mother just getting back into exercise after having a baby, to the sedentary and overweight office worker looking to lose unwanted body fat.

The workouts are hard, but you will be encouraged to work at your own pace. Exercises will be modified as needed to suit your fitness level and although you will be pushed hard, you will work within your physical abilities.

The workouts are challenging, unique, and fun (ok, not that much fun) and you will work muscles you didn’t know you had! In addition, you will meet new people, become part of a group of motivated individuals, and be held accountable to your goals.

Can YOU Do It?

One of the most common comments I get when someone is considering joining my boot camp is “can I do it”? Most people associate a fitness boot camp with incredibly difficult exercises, thousands of pushup and someone screaming at them to do more.

This is not the case at all. My clients have a very wide range of fitness levels and every exercise can be progressed or regressed based on that level.

So the answer is YES, you can do it! Take a look at the FAQ for more answers to common questions.

Roy Fitness Boot Camps


Days/Times: October 6th-29th, 2014

Location: Baker Park

Cost: $97

The focus of these classes will be on the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Body fat reduction
  • Core strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improving stamina
  • Increasing strength


If you are interested in joining, please contact Steve to sign up.


~What Our Bootcampers Are Saying~

> From Lauren B. ~ “At first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do a boot camp or I wouldn’t be able to keep up. However, I was instantly proved wrong as Steve knows exactly how far he can push each person. I am on my way of being in the best shape I have been in for many years and I can’t believe everything I can do now! Thank you Steve!”

> From Matt M.~ “Steve’s boot camp at Baker Park was a great experience and I am looking forward to the start of the next round. It was amazing how Steve was able to tailor the workouts to the individual participants who had a wide range in both age and ability level. All of the people involved were very friendly and it made the challenging workouts a lot more fun. I would recommend this to anyone at any ability level who may have trouble with self motivation like I do.”

> From Monica C. ~ “My experience in your boot camp has not only been torturous, but motivating! You pushed me further than I thought I could go. As much as I knew it would hurt the next day, I always come out feeling proud of myself for doing a little bit more than I could before. Thanks again.”

> From Bobby A.~Thanks for the good workout every week, it keeps me coming back for more! I can’t wait to start back up again!”

> From Rosie B. ~ “In the few weeks I have worked with Steve I have improved my strength and balance. Steve knows his clients and always had a modification for an exercise to adapt to my fitness level. I feel better physically and emotionally since participating in boot camp. He is so motivating that I am traveling from Montgomery Village to attend!”

> From Matt F.~ “I started boot camp hoping that this would be just what I needed to kick myself back into gear. I have not exercised on a regular basis and have just completed my first 6 weeks! I can’t imagine not doing this! Thanks for not giving up on me and giving me a fresh start in fitness. I am excited to start the next session.”

> From Shelley J.~ “Boot camp has been a great experience. We have been outside, met new people, and even developed a little “friendly” competition all in the name of getting fit. Steve makes every week different, which I personally like. You never know what he has in store for you, but it always creates a personal challenge to try harder.”

> From Steve F.~ “I want to thank you for the great boot camp class. I have been telling everyone I know about it. You work us hard but by the end of the class you feel good about what you did. When I started the class I was very out of shape. Only after 6 weeks, I can see a big difference. My clothes are fitting better and I have a lot more energy. Thanks you again and I look forward to the next boot camp.”

> From Dana J.~ “The workouts Steve designs for boot camp are always a challenge. He incorporates exercises for every muscle group (even ones you didn’t know existed) and each exercise keeps your heart rate up for cardiovascular training. We moan and groan and joke around in the group-sometimes I hear myself saying “why did I sign up for this?”, but Steve is always there to keep you motivated when you’re about to give up. As soon as boot camp is over, I’m excited for the next session! I’ve already seen and felt results in five weeks-I feel healthier, I am stronger, I appear more toned, and I have much more energy and endurance. Thank you Steve!”

> From Tara F.~I started bootcamp in September 2011 and I was a little afraid at first but I have never worked out as hard and I felt great!  I have struggled with weight my whole life and Steve really helped me focus on my eating habits and daily exercise.  He provided me with specific foods to eat and exercises to focus on to increase my metabolism and lose weight. He is always available to discuss any questions.  I enjoy bootcamp more than going to the gym and watching videos because you get to work out with others and have fun.  Steve has motivated me from day one and sometimes I don’t know if i would have the drive to work out as much as I do now if it weren’t for him.  Thank you.”