January 24, 2015

About Steve

Welcome to RoyFitness, my name is Steve and I’ve been an exercise nut as long as I can remember. personal trainer maryland, personal trainer frederick

Being healthy and enjoying a high quality of life are two things that I think about every day. To me, personal training is one of the greatest jobs in the world. We get to teach people the importance of exercise, help them to feel better about themselves, possibly live longer, teach them how eat healthier, and see them enjoy their lives more. And we get paid to do it!

After discovering my passion for fitness training in 1997, I spent many years working across the country in places like RallySport in Boulder, CO, The Country Club of Colorado in Colorado Springs, The Jewish Community Center in Rockville, MD and many others. I also have been running in-home training services and boot camps through Roy Fitness since 2004.

My Goals and Your Goals

My goal is to educate folks about enjoying a healthier lifestyle, living a higher quality of life, and living longer. I love to teach people about health and fitness and I do my best to make a difference in my clients lives. But you are not interested in my goals.

You are interested in your goals! As well you should be. Your goals, your health, and your life are what a good trainer should focus on. It’s not about having a Master’s degree from some ivy league college or having 13 certifications listed after your name, it’s about helping you, the client. Plain and simple.


Please understand that getting a personal training certification does NOT mean you are an expert in the industry. Hell, my first certification through the NSPA in 1997 was as easy as spending a day and a half in a very basic fitness workshop and getting certified.

As I spent more time training and learning the basics of exercise science and human movement, I developed the need for more and more information and knowledge. In 2003 I found the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which is one of the leading organizations for fitness professionals and is very comprehensive. I have been certified through several organizations over the years and am currently certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have found that the NASM has one of the most comprehensive programs out there and chose it for that reason.

Fitness Background

During the last 17 years as a trainer, I’ve worked with many types of folks with varying fitness levels, health issues, and fitness goals. Several of the areas in which I have worked are as follows:

  • Worked with seniors in an effort to maintain lean muscle mass, battle the effects of aging, and to help increase bone density.
  • Developed and ran a youth fitness program in order to educate kids aged 12-16 on the benefits of lifelong exercise.
  • Trained obese individuals who were at serious risk for heart disease in an attempt to improve their overall quality of life and increase longevity.
  • Worked in partnerships with physical therapists to rebuild and strengthen injured muscles and speed up the recovery process in clients.
  • Trained clients who were looking to make gains in muscle mass and increase strength and power.
  • Worked with clients whose goals were solely to improve athletic endurance and performance.

I’ve often heard that a trainer needs to specialize in one area of fitness and to be honest, I have never found that niche. And I haven’t because I truly enjoy working will all types of people. For me, it’s not about getting someone to run a 5k a minute faster, it’s about improving their lives permanently.