January 27, 2015

Online Coaching

I get it, personal training is damn expensive. I know because I’ve been a certified trainer/fitness coach for the last 17 years and have seen a lot of people plunk down their heard earned cash in the hopes of getting fit.

But if you desperately want need help, there is another option! You might have heard of online personal training before and it just might work for you under the following circumstances:

  • You don’t have the cash to pay a trainer in person. Fees can generally run anywhere from $50-$100 per hour depending on your location.
  • You don’t live near me and aren’t willing to drive to Maryland to train!

Why Online Coaching?

Online coaching is a great way to get professional fitness guidance and instruction without having to meet me in person (although it would be nice!).

Here are a few benefits of online personal training:

  1. You can train anywhere you like (even in your underwear).
  2. You set your own schedule and training times.
  3. You get professional and honest advice from someone (me) who has been in the fitness industry for 17 years and has trained hundreds of clients.
  4. You will get a full fitness assessment via video to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and areas that need attention.
  5. You will get a customized exercise program based on not only your goals, but what your body is capable of and what will be most beneficial for you (read: no squats if you’ve had a knee replacement!) You will not get something I found on YouTube and thought looked cool.
  6. You will get advice on how to eat properly for your specific goals. While I am not a nutritionist, I have spent a great deal of time learning about the best foods/ways to eat for optimum health and fitness.
  7. You will have unlimited access to me via email. And I check it a lot. A lot.
  8. We will have a Skype call every week to discuss your goals, progress, and to answer any questions you have.

Why Train With Me?

To be honest, it’s because I care about each of my clients and I get results with them. All of them. There are a million online trainers out there, some good, some terrible, and I believe it’s all about finding someone who:

  1. Is qualified to coach you
  2. Is a good fit for you personally
  3. Actually gives a shit about you
  4. Is willing to help you reach your goals
  5. Doesn’t take your excuses or bullshit
  6. Is willing hold you accountable to what you say you want

Remember, this is not an automated service that spits out the WOD. I am a real trainer who wants to help you succeed, regardless of your goals.

Becoming A Client

I’m not going to have you complete a lengthy questionnaire to determine if we are a good fit for each other (yet), but will only ask you to email me via my contact form and let me know you are interested. We will go from there.

The only caveat is that you MUST be willing to train as hard as you would if I was there pushing you and I am only interested in working with those who are truly committed to getting leaner, stronger, fitter, and better!