January 27, 2015

Personal Training

If you’re reading this then I think it’s safe to say that you are looking for a personal trainer. The good news is that you’ve found one!

Currently I am offering the following services:

In-Home Personal Training

There is no need to go to a gym that you feel uncomfortable in or don’t like going to. Many people prefer exercising in private and in the comfort of their own home. This is where I come in. I have been providing in-home training for the last 11 years and have found the following reasons that you might prefer in-home training:

  • You hate going to a gym
  • You belong to a gym but never go
  • You have no idea what to do once you are at the gym
  • You are stuck in a rut
  • You need motivation and/or inspiration
  • You are not getting the results you want on your own
  • You want to work out on your schedule and in your own home

If this sounds like it might be a good fit, I’ll offer up a few additional reasons why this might work for you:

  • I provide all equipment necessary
  • I will work on your time. I know you’re busy and finding time to exercise can be difficult
  • I will hold you accountable
  • You never have to step foot in a gym
  • I will teach you how to exercise on your own after I’m gone. After all, you don’t want a permanent personal trainer, do you?!?

Currently I am offering in-home personal training for Frederick and Montgomery County residents.

So You Wanna Train?

Let me say this; I’ve trained hundreds of people ranging from morbidly obese women to men training for the Ironman and there is one thing that I see repeatedly which is the cause for failure. And that’s commitment.

I’m not here to convince anyone that they need to exercise or that they need to hire a trainer. That is something that comes from within. When someone is ready and committed to making a permanent life change is when they can accomplish their goals.

My philosophy is this: If you are not 100% committed to reaching your physical goals, then you are better off finding a trainer who is fine with that. I truly have no interest in just collecting a paycheck while watching you half-ass it or eat junk food when I’m not around. Again, it’s all about commitment!

My rates are fair and competitive and I work on a sliding scale. We can discuss this when we first talk.

Welcome Aboard!

Once a client, you can expect me to design a flexibility, strength and cardiovascular exercise program with your specific goals in mind. The premise is to progressively challenge your fitness level and not exceed your capabilities.

Too often I see trainers pushing their clients into doing the ‘exercise of the day’ or into something that is beyond their current ability. This is an injury waiting to happen. I will monitor and adjust your exercise plan as needed and offer nutritional guidance as well. I am not a registered dietitian but know enough about healthy eating to offer suggestions on how to improve your eating habits.

Frequent communication is vital and you should be prepared for frequent discussions. I have found that this also helps with keeping you motivated and accountable.

If you are ready to take this challenge on and change your life, then I want to talk with you.

You can reach me three ways:

  1. Call me at (301) 712-6706
  2. Email me directly at royfitness(at)gmail.com
  3. Use my contact form